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  • Neenah Introduces BS5609 Certified Inkjet and Laser Printable Face stock: KIMDURA<sup><sup>®</sup></sup> DualTech<sup><sup>®</sup></sup>  Synthetic Paper

    (Alpharetta, GA – August 16, 2017) Neenah launches KIMDURA® DUALTECH® Synthetic Paper and makes another significant addition to its Performance Labels for Harsh Environments portfolio of high-performing, highly engineered substrates intended for applications in unforgiving conditions. Click here to find out more.

  • EMULATE<sup><sup>™</sup></sup> and EMULATE SECURE<sup><sup>™</sup></sup> Dye Sublimation Papers

    Neenah, the world’s leading producer of digital image transfer papers, launches an innovative tack sheet for dye sublimation as a part of their expanded Digital Print Customization platform of products. The EMULATE SECURE branded tack sublimation products deliver the control given by a tack paper to decorators who use desktop sublimation printers. “This first of a kind product, EMULATE SECURE Sublimation Paper, provides outstanding vibrancy and clarity while reducing ink consumption,” says Charlie Myers, Business Development Manager for Neenah Performance Materials. “We are pleased to combine our expertise in the sheet fed heat transfer category with our market leading, zero second dry time ink jet capability to provide the first tacky desktop product to the industry.” Click here to learn more

  • DTG PreTreat<sup><sup><sup>®</sup></sup></sup> Paper

    Neenah Performance Materials has once again engineered a time and cost saving means for customizing garments by advancing the Direct To Garment printing process. Eliminating the need for a spray booth or messy paint sprayers and mixing chemicals, Neenah’s DTG PreTreat® Paper allows complete and uniform pretreatment of light or dark colored fabrics using only their rehydrated paper and a heat press. This recyclable product delivers a consistent amount of Oeko-Tex certified pretreatment quickly and accurately – providing an ideal print surface for your artwork. DTG PreTreat® Paper allows you to produce brilliant, detailed and wash durable images without significant investment. Click here to learn more

  • EXOSTENCIL<sup><sup>™</sup></sup> Screen Prep Paper

    Neenah Performance Materials disrupts the screen print industry with products that eliminate the chemicals, time and equipment currently required to make a screen. “The new EXOstencil Screen Prep Paper leverages our 30+ years of experience in heat transfer paper manufacture. We utilize our patented weed-free two paper technology to eliminate the myriad of chemicals and emulsions from the screen making process while also eliminating the hours of drying that is currently required,” states Charlie Myers, Business Development Manager for Neenah. “Engineered to run on laser printers, EXOstencil Screen Prep Paper has been approved by OKI Data for use in their array of laser printers. Just a few minutes after coming off the printer, the screen is ready to use,” continued Myers. After Beta testing the product, Dan Gray of Mile 65 Apparel indicates, “EXOstencil Screen Prep Paper is a game changer, especially for people who are just getting into screen printing.” Click here to learn more

  • KIMDURA<sup><sup>®</sup></sup> DualTech<sup><sup>®</sup></sup>  Synthetic Paper

    KIMDURA® DualTech® Synthetic Paper is a robust label facestock option, compliant with BS 5609 Part 2 and 3, for both inkjet and laser printing platforms. This matte white synthetic paper features excellent chemical/solvent resistance with pigment-based aqueous inkjet, as well as laser printers. Contact us for more details of recommended printers and ink/toners. Click here to learn more

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    Fall 2016 : SGIA EXPO
    Las Vegas, NV Sep 14 – 16, 2016
    Explore Neenah’s Heat Transfer Paper product portfolio at the upcoming SGIA