Performance Labels

Neenah Performance Labels’ knowledge, expertise, and technology as the leading supplier for high performance labels are built-on more than 75 years of experience. Neenah stands behind our brand reputation, delivering consistently highest quality products for high performance labels and tags.

  • Durability


    • Abrasion and scratch Resistance
    • Crack and Fold Resistance
    • Superior Tear and Tensile properties
    • Washable Prints and Substrate
    • Water and UV Resistance
  • Printability


    • Conventional (analog) printers
    • Digital printers
    • Writeable Surface (with typical handwriting instruments)
  • Conformability


    • Drapability
    • Layflat
  • Appearance


    • Gloss level (matte, semi-gloss, satin, gloss)
    • Finish and Texture (leather like, satin, suede)
    • Specialty (pearlescent, opalescent)
  • Custom Attributes

    Custom Attributes

    Our expertise is in delivering products with custom specifications based on our customers’ needs.

    Contact us for details.

  • Applications, durability and compliance
    • Retail Labeling
      Shelf marking, Coupon, Prime Labels
    • Industrial/Chemical
      Automotive, Electrical/Durables, Primary Container Labels for
      Chemicals, Tire Labels, HazCom Signage and Labels
    • Office and Home Organization Labels
    • Shipping and Logistics
      Shipping Labels, Asset Tracking Labels
    • Outdoor Labels (Horticulture, Signage)
    • Healthcare Labeling
      Wristband, Laboratory, Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals
    • Automotive
    • Chemical manufacturing
    • Consumer Electronics
    • Home/Office
    • Logistics
    • Healthcare
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Retail
    • Transportation
    Quality and Compliance

    Neenah takes pride in our product stewardship, ensuring compliance with customer and regulatory requirements. Contact us for details.