OEM Qualifications for Kimdura® and Endura® Products

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Print-related Technical Information for Durable Label applications: Chemical, Industrial and other Outdoor Labeling applications

Aqueous Inkjet Printers
  Label Facestock   Printer OEM   Optimum Printer Setting
  Kimdura® Inkjet Ultra
  Synthetic Paper
  7513P0 or 7363P0

  Kimdura® DualTech®
  Synthetic Paper

  Endura® Inkjet Durable Paper

  Kimdura® Universal HC

  EPSON printers with DuraBrite™
  pigmented inks (C3400, C3500, C831, C7500)

  Tested by Epson

  Normal / Plain Paper /

  Draft / Standard Office
  NeuraLabel 300x


  PS Labels format,
  Media: Matte Labels,
  Quality: Normal Quality,
  Ink saver mode: Low

Thermal Transfer Printer Ribbons
  Label Facestock   TT Ribbon OEM
  Kimdura® Smudgeproof Products

  Kimdura® TT Ultra (Multitask) Products





Laser Printers
  Label Facestock   Printer OEM
  Endura® Laser Durable Paper

  Kimdura® DualTech® Synthetic Paper 7512P0