Synthetic Labels

Neenah Performance Labels’ Kimdura® brand have been the gold standards in the industry for decades, touching the lives of different generations in distinct, unique ways. Click here for our Synthetic Label Portfolio.

  • KIMDURA<sup>®</sup> TT Ultra

    KIMDURA® TT Ultra

    KIMDURA® TT Ultra Synthetic Paper label facestock is designed for excellent durability and print quality, when used in conjunction with thermal transfer printers. It is BS 5609 Part 2 and 3 certified for various thermal transfer ribbons including wax, wax/resin, and resin ribbons.

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  • Kimdura<sup>®</sup> Inkjet Ultra

    KIMDURA® Inkjet Ultra

    KIMDURA® Inkjet Ultra Synthetic Paper (7513P0) label facestock is the new and improved version of its predecessor (7363P0). KIMDURA® Inkjet Ultra (7363P0) was the first inkjet synthetic paper for chemical and industrial labeling that earned the BS 5609 Part 2 and 3 certification. KIMDURA® Inkjet Ultra has been the gold standard in the industry for delivering outstanding performance and durability.

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  • Kimdura<sup><sup><sup>®</sup></sup></sup> Dualtech<sup><sup><sup>®</sup></sup></sup>

    KIMDURA® DualTech®

    KIMDURA® DualTech® Synthetic Paper is a robust label facestock option, compliant with BS 5609 Part 2 and 3, for both inkjet and laser printing platforms. This matte white synthetic paper features the highest brightness and whiteness in the Harsh Environments™ product family.

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  • Applications, durability and compliance
    • Retail Labeling
      Shelf marking, Coupon, Prime Labels
    • Industrial/Chemical
      Automotive, Electrical/Durables, Primary Container Labels for
      Chemicals, Tire Labels, HazCom Signage and Labels
    • Office and Home Organization Labels
    • Shipping and Logistics
      Shipping Labels, Asset Tracking Labels
    • Outdoor Labels (Horticulture, Signage)
    • Healthcare Labeling
      Wristband, Laboratory, Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals
    • Automotive
    • Chemical manufacturing
    • Consumer Electronics
    • Home/Office
    • Logistics
    • Healthcare
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Retail
    • Transportation
    Quality and Compliance

    Neenah takes pride in our product stewardship, ensuring compliance with customer and regulatory requirements. Contact us for details.