It's not just a standard of excellence. It's a way of thinking. For designers to achieve something timeless and powerful, they must master the fundamentals. That means relying on design principles and tapping into pure inspiration to build a strong artistic foundation. With bold new colors and unique textures, Neenah CLASSIC® Papers help designers turn that simple mindset into sublime masterpieces. Think quality. Think craftsmanship. Think CLASSIC.



Complete Communicator.

CLASSIC CREST® Papers deliver the whole package- unmatched luxury, dependable results and best-in-class quality. 29 colors, including 8 NEW shades, 12 weights, digital selections, and matching envelopes available in Smooth, Super Smooth, and Eggshell finishes.

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CLASSIC® Linen Papers

Sensible Luxury.

Patterned after fine linen fabric, CLASSIC® Linen Papers offer world-class elegance and a timeless tactile sensation. 27 eye-catching colors including 6 beautiful whites and 3 pearlized options, plus 5 duplex combinations. Digital selections and matching envelopes available. 

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CLASSIC Texture 

CLASSIC® Textures Papers

Hand Crafted.

This ultimate collection of beautiful CLASSIC® Brands and textures will keep designers coming back again and again. Expect world-class craftsmanship in 5 finishes: NEW CLASSIC® Techweave, NEW CLASSIC® Woodgrain, CLASSIC® Laid, CLASSIC® Stipple, and CLASSIC COLUMNS®. 22 colors, 10 weights, digital selections, and matching envelopes available. 

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