CLASSIC Textures

Introducing The New CLASSIC® Textures

The ultimate collection of beautiful brands and textures will keep designers coming back again and again. Expect breathtaking quality and world-class craftsmanship. Consistency you can count on- and a name you can trust.

People may not remember words or events, but they never forget feelings.The right tactile sensation can trigger raw emotions and transport us to a new dimension. Enhanced by innovative new finishes, an impressive array of CLASSIC® Textures seduces the senses. Are you ready to feel the difference?

CLASSIC Laid Papers

CLASSIC® Laid Papers

A textured, handcrafted paper that brings images to life and entices you to touch it. The real-life feel of laid finish evokes premium, personalizes brands and transports viewers to a new tactile dimension.

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CLASSIC Stipple Papers

CLASSIC® Stipple Papers 

Add depth with an authentic feel that evokes nature and invites touch. Subtle and versatile, this textured paper holds ink well, providing both style and substance.

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CLASSIC Techweave Papers

CLASSIC® Techweave Papers NEW!

A high-end finish with one-of-a-kind feel. This distinctive texture embodies finely woven fabric with a high-tech twist.

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CLASSIC Woodgrain Papers

CLASSIC® Woodgrain Papers NEW!

Add a natural dimension to your project and strengthen the essence of your brand. With superior printability, this texture has all the aesthetic charm of wood with none of the limitations.

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Some things never go out of style. CLASSIC COLUMNS lets you build a foundation with its signature lineal finish, ideal for business cards and covers.


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