Paper Labels

Neenah Performance Labels offers diverse materials from cellulosic-based fibers, with extraordinary strength characteristics and printability with conventional presses, digital presses and desktop printers.

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  • Applications, Markets, and Quality and Compliance for Durable Paper Portfolio*
    • Dissolvable Labels: Food Rotation, Welding Dams, Bags/Pouches/Tubes, Confetti, Stitchable Labels and Tags.  
    • Washable Tags: Jeans Labels, Garment Tags.
    • Law Labels: Sew-able labels in garment, furniture, and automotive applications.
    • Retail Labeling: Shelf marking, Coupon, Prime Labels
    • Industrial/Chemical: Automotive, Electrical/Durables, Primary Container Labels for Chemicals, Tire Labels, HazCom Signage and Labels
    • Office and Home Organization Labels
    • Shipping and Logistics: Shipping Labels, Asset Tracking Labels
    • Outdoor Labels (Horticulture, Signage)
    • Healthcare Labeling: Wristband, Laboratory, Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals

    • * Refer to Sell Sheet of Individual Product for Detailed information – the information here is a collective summary of the whole portfolio.

    • Food
    • Nuclear
    • Oil & Gas
    • Automotive
    • Chemical Manufacturing
    • Consumer Electronics
    • Home/Office
    • Logistics
    • Healthcare
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Retail
    • Transportation


    Quality and Compliance

    Neenah takes pride in our product stewardship, ensuring compliance with customer and regulatory requirements. Contact us for details.