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Neenah Green

Neenah Green is our commitment to the earth, the sky and future generations to conduct business in more sustainable ways. It's also a commitment to make it easier and simpler for our customers to make smarter environmental choices. And Green means making it easier and simpler to do the right thing for the environment.

We’re committed to making meaningful reductions in our environmental footprint by focusing on all our customers’ top priorities:

• Continue to expand our offering of papers made with recycled content, including post consumer recycled fiber.
• Continue to expand our offering of FSC Certified papers to support well-managed forests and the responsible use of forest resources.
• Continue to reduce our carbon footprint through mill-based energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions.

Select a logo below to see Neenah's environmentally preferable papers and learn about each attribute or certification.

Environmental Certifications  


Environmental Calculator. Every Choice Counts.


Being green has never been easier.  With the free Environment Calculator iPhone and Blackberry application from Neenah Paper, the environmental savings of using paper made with recycled fiber and renewable energy is right at your fingertips.

Research done by the Paper Task Force, a peer-reviewed study of the lifecycle environmental impacts of paper production and disposal, is the basis of the Environmental Defense Fund paper calculator v2.0, sharing the same reference data as the Neenah Paper Environment Calculator iPhone application.

• Calculate your environmental savings as measured in wood, water, energy, emissions and solid waste.
• See real-world examples of resources saved.
• Save your environmental reports to share them with friends, vendors, or clients via email.
• Use the built-in glossary to better understand how your paper choices affect the environment.
• Access links to source data for additional information.

Download the Symbols Toolkit file


Two Sides U.S.


Neenah Paper has signed on as one of the inaugural supporters of Two Sides U.S., the non-profit organization that works to promote the responsible production, use and sustainability of print. One of several leading companies to pledge support for Two Sides, Neenah is part of a growing cadre of leaders in media, publishing, paper distribution, and manufacturing that have come together to share the message that paper is an environmentally friendly communications choice.

“Print media is inherently sustainable and its environmental footprint is continually improving due to the initiatives that responsible paper mills are undertaking,” adds Gregg Aiken, Mill Manager for Neenah’s Whiting, Wis., plant, and a member of Two Sides’ Sustainability Committee. “We believe it’s our responsibility as a company to drive sustainable changes within our business, while influencing our customers by sharing the sustainability message. Two Sides provides an effective platform to make it happen.”


Green Beyond Neenah

Visit these eco-minded sites for further information:

Official EPA Procurement Guidelines

Recycled Paper Coalition


The Recycled Products Purchasing Cooperative

Two Sides

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency



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