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Promoting the Responsible Production, Use, and Sustainability of Print

One of several leading companies to pledge support for Two Sides North America, Neenah is part of a growing cadre of leaders in media, publishing, paper distribution, and manufacturing that have come together to share the message that paper is an environmentally friendly communications choice.

Neenah has long believed in both digital and print communications as key components of a marketer’s toolbox. Paper and print are not only critical components in the marketing mix, but are a sustainable choice as well. Our goal is to help share the message that digital shouldn’t necessarily be perceived as ‘greener’; paper is an environmentally friendly communications medium that offers beauty, impact and practicality.

Neenah has a long history and commitment to sustainability. Signing on to support Two Sides is just another step in Neenah's history of implementing and supporting sustainable actions, practices and initiatives. Neenah has committed to aggressively reducing its environmental footprint by using renewable energy sources, obtaining third-party certification by Green Seal, the Forest Stewardship Council, and the Chlorine Free Products Association. It is also a member of the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Green Power Partnership and was recognized for its purchase of Green-e Certified renewable energy.

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