Abrasive Backings

NEENAH® Industrial Solutions has over 60 years of experience in the manufacturing of latex-saturated and coated papers used in abrasive backings products worldwide. With an established track record for quality and performance, we are the preferred choice for backing systems used in waterproof and dry sanding applications. Click here for more information.

  • Dry Finishing

    Dry Finishing

    Balanced Features for Outstanding Results

    NEENAH® Abrasive Backings for Dry Finishing Applications provide the right balance of strength, flexibility, and tear resistance needed for tough jobs, including wood, automotive, marine, furniture and metal sanding.

    Unlike many conventional kraft papers found at retail stores, NEENAH® Dry Finishing Abrasive Backings are latex saturated and coated for excellent flexibility, durability, surface receptivity, and end-product performance. NEENAH® Dry Finishing Papers also contain barrier coatings designed for use with common water-based make coatings, such as animal-hide glue. These tough barrier coatings help improve grain adhesion and maintain full flexibility of the base by preventing make coat penetration which can cause brittleness. Barrier coatings can also help improve the adhesion and resistance to penetration of non-glue make coat systems, such as the UF, PF and epoxy-based systems used in dry finishing applications.

    Download Sell Sheets here: English, Portuguese, Spanish.

  • Wet Sanding

    Wet Sanding

    Waterproof Papers: Long Life Adds More Value

    NEENAH® Industrial Solutions Waterproof Backing Systems are designed for traditional wet sanding applications such as automotive repair, general metal sanding and oil sanding of wood. All are engineered to provide flexibility, durability, toughness, and smoothness. This unique balance of properties helps assure that the backing life exceeds that of the customer-applied grit, even after prolonged periods of immersion in water. NEENAH® Industrial Solutions offers backings with extreme smoothness allowing for application of fine grits for paint and polishing applications. NEENAH® Wet Sanding Abrasive Backings have specially designed barrier coatings for superior holdout and adhesion to make and size coatings. Barrier coatings can be formulated to be compatible with water or solvent-based make coatings. And because many make and size coatings involve highly complex chemistries, custom barrier coating formulations can be designed to enhance the barrier coating interaction with your systems.

    NEENAH® Industrial Solutions Backsize Coatings enhance the functional performance of the finished coated abrasive. These specialty coatings provide added curl resistance, increased water resistance and improved grip during hand sanding applications.

    Download Sell Sheets here: English, Portuguese, Spanish.

  • Attributes
    • High Tensile Strength
    • Synthetic Fiber Papers for High Tear Resistance
    • Custom Pulp Formulations for Customer Need
    • Custom Colors
    • Dimensional Stability to Resist Curl in Converting and Use
    • Nitrile Butadiene Rubber for Softest Feel in Wet Sanding
    • Styrene Butadiene Rubber
    • Acrylic
    • Epoxy
    • Solvent Resistance
    • High Temperature Resistance
    • Custom Colors
    • Barrier Coatings to Match Make Coat System
    • Custom Colors, Including Contrasting Colors of the Paper
    • Super Smooth Coating for Fine Grit Abrasives
    • Backsize Coating for Waterproofing or Hand Grip & Feel
    • Printable
    • Coat one (C1S) or Both Sides (C2S)
  • Applications
    • Automotive
      OEM, Body Repair
    • Belts & Discs
    • Floor Refinishing
    • Hand Sanding
    • Industrial
    • Marine
    • Metal Grinding
    • Painting
    • Power Sanding
    • Wood
      Finishing, Woodworking