Performance-Driven Distinction

Neenah Industrial Solutions is a leader in delivering high performance products, offering outstanding durability, printability, conformability, appearance, and other distinct attributes. Our team delivers best-in-class research, technology, and problem solving capabilities.

Our expertise in saturation was built on our knowledge and experience in the complex science of latex impregnation. Saturation was our important first, but certainly wasn’t our last important venture in material design and production. For over 100 years, our products have touched multiple generations in sustainable and innovative ways. We’ve overcome once-accepted material limitations with break-through solutions and performance-driven distinction.


Explore our product lines to provide solutions for your needs. We have an extensive line of high performance products to meet your requirements.

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Explore our technical capabilities to overcome your challenges. We’ve broken the barriers of once-accepted material limitations with break-through solutions, providing distinctive performance and value.

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