Security Covers

Neenah Security (Red Bridge) is a long-established centre of excellence for the production of cover materials used on international passports and other secure travel documents. Our success stems from our extensive experience and knowledge in developing, manufacturing and processing materials to the highest standards, with full ICAO compliance.

Choose security covers from Neenah Security (Red Bridge)

We work with passport specifiers and their suppliers (Security printers, chip integrators) to ensure your documents' cover material is not just "fit for purpose", but is supplied with consistency of colour, quality, performance and general appearance.
This dedication makes us the most popular cover provider in the industry.
By specifying Neenah Security (Red Bridge) as your cover supplier you can be assured that the material you use, whether you are a printer, integrator or the specifier, will perform as required and retain a consistent look, and will be produced to your exact requirements.

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  • Compatibility


    • Our covers are e-passport compatible, for biometric and machine readable passports
    • Also compatible with other passport components including datapages insertion
    • Our covers meet all major environmental standards
  • Global exports

    Global export

    • Because we supply globally, directly to countries or to specialist security printers and integrators, we can ensure our products are available anywhere in the world.
  • Research & Development

    Research & Development

    The team of experts at Red Bridge (UK), combined with the resources available from our US facilities, means that we are able to respond to most requirements relating to covers.

    • Coating formulas adapted to meet the needs of your own processes
    • Development of special grades of paper
    • Colour matching and development: colour match to any sample, RAL or Pantone
  • Applications, compliance and durablity
    • International passport (including biometric passports or machine readable passports)
    • Other secure travel documents (Laissez-passer ...etc)
    • Secure identification documents

    Neenah takes pride in our product stewardship, ensuring compliance with customer and regulatory requirements. 

    • ISO 9001:2008 Registered Quality Management System
    • ISO 08001
    • ISO 14001
    • ICAO compliance
    • FSC®

    • Wipeable
    • Tear resistant
    • Heat resistant
    • all to meet ICAO standards