Security Innovations

As the centre of excellence for the development of security cover material, Neenah Security (Red Bridge) work closely with customers to understand key issues when working with security documents.

This allows us to identify solutions to improve our products, as well as key innovations that address visual performance, and, most importantly, security.

It is our aim to develop and bring to market the most innovative and effective solutions for your cover materials.

  • Double UV Print

    Double UV Print

    Double UV Print

    Not visible to the naked eye, UV print in general is an effective way to proviude an added, unique authentication tool to the cover of your travel document.

    A double UV print offers an added layer of protection against forgery:

    2 designs, visible under 2 different Ultra Violet light spectrum, in 2 contrasting colours (e.g. red and yellow)

  • Registered Emboss

    Registered Emboss

    A registered emboss (or deboss) is a design unique to that document, located in one particular location on the cover.

    Why use a registered emboss?

    • design unique to the document
    • easy visual authentification tool at border controls
    • document more difficult to forge
    • improve cover tampering protection given the added pressure points (where the biometric chip is embedded in the cover)

    • We work closely with our customers to create and approve a design unique to them, or to apply an exisitng emboss design, should one already be in use.

    By choosing Neenah Security (Red Bridge) to apply a registered emboss you improve the way you source your cover. You eliminate the need to use another supplier, or having to deal with the process yourself, saving time and effort while also improving the end product.

  • ApplicationS
    • International passports
    • Identification documents
    • Other secure travel documents
    • Foiling
    • Embossing
    • UV print
    • Visible print
    Quality and Compliance

    Neenah takes pride in our product stewardship, ensuring compliance with customer and regulatory requirements.

    • ISO 9001:2008 Registered Quality Management System
    • ISO 18001
    • ISO 14001